Redline Body Glass Coating

BRILA Redline Body Coating is aimed at providing an alternative in cost, but gaining the most value out of choice. The system provides a coating system that creates a showroom shine and protects the paint work at a price that’s adapted to your buying power.

The Redline Coating is a system that offers a full body protection that’s built to last. The coating defines a strong glass-based skeletal structure that offers a drastic lustre and extreme smoothness of the surface.

A 3 Year manufactures warranty: Major chemical and UV resistance which also provides protection from bird droppings, tar, tree sap and road grime.

Brila coatings Water Beading White


Water forms droplets. 

Brila coatings 3 Year Warranty White


3 year gloss warranty. 

Brila coatings Gloss White


Helps maintain a showroom shine. 

Brila coatings Water Reduction White


Minimise water usage during washes.