Marine Window Coating

High Water Repellency

BRILA Marine Window Coating realizes excellent durability because it chemically bonds with the glass surface without using a binder.

It has been confirmed that the water repellency of a water contact angle of 80° is maintained even after 420,000 cycles in the wiper anti-wear accelerated test, and it has about 6 times wear resistance against conventional water repellent coating.

Durability Of Fluorine?

Test conditions
Attach the wiper with graphite coating onto the testing machine and slide the wiper while showering water to the test piece under a load of 150g.

Brila Marine Body Coating Fluoring Graph

Antifouling Performance And All Season Correspondence

Protection from dirt and oil by repellence of fluorine. Therefore, preventing glare off the windshield during the night of rain that keeps your view clear.

The coating protects against the appearance of scales by suppressing adhesion of glass ingredients.While also preventing pollen, insects, snow, frost, etc from sticking.