Marine Interior Coating

Excellent Antibacterial And Antifungal

BRILA Interior Coating has more than 700 types overwhelming antibacterial and antifungal performance. As a typical example, it is effective for bacteria such as O-157, Salmonella, MRSA, Vibrio bacteria. There is an overwhelming antibacterial ability even compared with JIS standard antibacterial designated bacteria (3-5 types) and bacteria (57 types) detected from general buildings.

Brila Interior Coating Specter List

Brila coatings marine interior coating specter list

High Barrier Effect

It is a new type of coating that utilizes the ability to transmit information between bacteria. When bacteria are likely to be sterilized rapidly, bacteria with resistance against chemicals are generated. Resistant bacteria eventually increase, and the antifungal effect decreases.

However, if you slowly change the environment to a place where bacteria can not inhabit, it will cause a “evasion” reaction to that place.

Using this property, it will create an environment where bacteria can not exist. As a result, bacteria die against the same species, leaving a danger signal, so that the same species that received danger information will not come close to that place.

Long-Term Durability

The BRILA Interior Coating adopts a room temperature curing type ceramic coating agent excellent in long-term durability, which is also proved in numerous tests by the Japan Paint Test Association.

Sticks to every material, it does not flow out with water like a conventional antimicrobial agent, it does not deteriorate because it is not containing organic matter.

High Safety

High safety for babies, BRILA Interior Coating adopts only the materials that have cleared the criteria of EPA “US Environmental Protection Agency” which is said to be the hardest in the world. In addition, it has been confirmed that the safety by the Japanese Food Analysis Center is about four times that of salt and about 10 times that of caffeine.

Effective Application Tools

Dedicated application tool for more reliable durability (pulse tornader).The coating agent becomes fine particles with Pulse Tornader. At the same time, by spraying with rotary striking air, it surely penetrates deep into the mat and the seat.