Blueline Body Glass Coating

BRILA Blueline Body Coating provides a coating system that creates a spectacular showroom shine and protects the paintwork at a more affordable cost but still harnessing the power of an organic solution. Unleashing a new style of coating, with a secret high-performance blend.

The functionality of the Blueline product is the glass-based skeleton structure, which achieves deep lustre and a smooth feel to ensure a quality product at low cost. The Blueline Body Coating system keeps the car clean and also reduces the time for washing.

BRILA Blueline Body Coating 1 Year Warranty: This product would benefit those who wax their car once yearly.

Brila coatings Water Beading White


Water forms droplets

Brila coatings 1 Year Warranty White


1 year gloss warranty

Brila coatings Gloss White


Helps maintain a showroom shine 

Brila coatings Water Reduction White


Minimise water usage during washes